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CarCapsule Set Up

Setting up CarCapsule - Step 1 carcapsule-step-2.jpg Setting up CarCapsule - Step 3


Click here to see the YouTube CarCapsule Instructional Setup Video


1. Select your place of set up by considering the following:

A. Place the fan end nearest to the electrical source.
B. The fan air intake should be away from outside doors and heat sources, including windows.
C. The surface should be as flat as possible and brushed clean of debris
D. The basemat should be located with all sides accessible to work the zippers.

2. Insert the fan panel into position and smooth out the Velcro.

3. Push the male connector of the power adaptor through the slit in the basemat. Connect the male end to the female end connector on the fan panel.

4. Starting at the fan end, carefully drape the clear center section over the vehicle's bonnet, roof and boot. Zip both zippers closed securing the top and sides.

5. Plug the 240v-12V adaptor into your wall outlet and your CarCapsule will start to inflate. After the capsule is completely inflated, insert the filter from the outside by pushing the brim inside the flap around the fan.

6. To increase airflow through the cover to dry wet vehicles or to regulate the air pressure in extremely hot weather, simply readjust the rear zipper closure to allow more air to flow through the capsule. On average the CarCapsule will replenish its air volume 3 to 4 times per hour.