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CarCapsule. What is it?

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CarCapsule. What is it?

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CarCapsule, so much more than a car cover!

Carcapsule was designed and patented way back in the 90's as a cost efficent, effective storage solution for vintage and classic cars, as well as valuable and collectabe cars, boats and motorcycles.

It's unique concept of constant airflow within an enclosed environment, togethor with all the additional benefits and protection it provides, makes CarCapsule the number one choice, for any collector serious about ensuring 100% protection of his or her vehicle. No regular car cover comes close!

CarCapsule while allowing full view of the vehicle enclosed is extremely tough and versatile. Built from 10mil tough PVC the base mat is impervious to all chemicals and fluids found in vehicles today.

The 12volt high speed brushless fan circulates a staggering 119CFM of filtered air around the vehicle 24/7, ensuring sudden changes in temperature are eliminated within, preventing condensation, moisture and dampness. So in turn eliminating rust, corrosion and tarnish to metal, alloy and chrome.

CarCapsule protects from the following:

  • Condensation, moisture & dampness
  • Roof leaks, drips
  • Dirt, dust and other airbourne particles
  • Interior mould & odours
  • Children at play
  • Rodents
  • Cat paw prints and scratches
  • Dogs chewing on plastic/rubber components
  • Corrosive bird droppings
  • Spiders webbing and nesting
  • Flying debris
  • Garden tools/implements falling over


Costing less than £1.50 per month to run, can you afford to go without one?!